Dear Roddy White, NFL Players Have Right to Speak Out on Injuries


I love how players are bashing other players about coming out and being concerned about their kids playing the game for fear of injury.  Those players just don’t get it.  The players who have come out in support of others saying its ok to be concerned about their kids playing the game of football should be applauded.  It is a violent game.  Having experienced the game, guys like former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora have publicly expressed their concerns about their kids playing.  They have that right.

They are not guys who will keep their kids from playing, however they would prefer they don’t, knowing what they know.  Last week I spoke about Warner and his comments but this thing has just taken a life of its own.  It’s crazy.  Today Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White was yet another player to come out and call out those that are concerned.

Give me a break Roddy.  I think it is just fine for people to have concerns.  Umenyiora thinks he’ll be in a wheelchair by the age of 45.  That’s a pretty strong statement.  He admits it’s an awesome game, but just doesn’t want it for his son.  Warner was the same.  Warner never said he’d keep them away from the game.  He just wants them armed with information.  I imagine a lot of guys feel the same way.

So guys like White, Tiki Barber and Merril Hoge can go take a flying leap for all I care.  Players are human beings.  If they are concerned about their kids, that’s being a good parent.  My father was a C.P.A..  He said I could do anything I wanted, but beware of becoming an accountant.  Now, I didn’t become one, but he armed me with information that would help me formulate my future.  That’s all these guys are doing.  Let them be.