Rookie Free-Agents May Have Chance With Cardinals


With rookies and free agents coming into their mini-camp this weekend with the Arizona Cardinals, they have to be thinking one thing – I have a chance.  Now, it’s a Dumb and Dumber Llyod Christmas one-in-a-million type of chance, but there is a chance.  These guys aren’t just coming in to waste time.  They are coming in with a legitimate chance to go to training camp in Flagstaff and come out with a roster spot in September.

There are a few guys who I feel could be “that” guy.  A couple of them even could crack the roster.

Keola Antolin (RB), Arizona – has deceptive speed.  His issue is he is small.  He reminds me though of a lot like LaRod Stephens-Howling.  He probably doesn’t make it out of training camp, but given the shaky ground Cards running backs have been on the past couple of years, never bet against a running back.

Blake DeChristopher (OL), Virginia Tech – a great blocker for the Hokies.  He was voted the Most Outstanding Blocker in the ACC.

Broderick Binns (OLB), Iowa – has great speed.  Lead Iowa in tackles for losses in 2011.  Has some off-the-field baggage with a DUI in 2010.