Another Chance for the Three Arizona Cardinals Tight Ends


Last year, before the 2011 season began, I wrote a post about the Arizona Cardinals finally having a weapon at tight end.  The Cardinals had signed Todd Heap, an all-pro tight end, and filled in their roster with two other promising players at the tight end position, Rob Housler and Jeff King.

Unfortunately, we all know what happened.  Heap was out with an injury in more games than he played, and Housler and King–while showing some flashes of brilliance–never got into a good rhythm.  Together all three players caught 63 passes.  (Rob Dray caught two passes, for a grand total of 65 receptions.)  That’s more than the tight ends for the Cardinals have caught in previous seasons, but short of expectations.

Now the Cardinals are preparing for the 2012 season, and believe it or not, I’m still bullish on the three players, if they can stay healthy.  With Malcolm Floyd likely pairing with Larry Fitzgerald on many plays, the opportunity for a tight end to be wide open in the flat increases. In addition, all three tight ends are big, strong guys and better than average blockers, which should help Kevin Kolb and John Skelton avoid getting sacked. I’m expecting much better things in 2012 from Heap, King, and Housler.  Let’s hope it materializes as planned.