Arizona Cardinals Reach Roster but not Talent Maximum


The Arizona Cardinals reached their roster limit of 90 players today by signing defensive end Landon Cohen.  Cohen, who played in one game last season for the New England Patriots, was the last man to fill out a roster full of players we don’t know what to expect.

The Cardinals have a couple of players they still need to sign and that will weed out some of the extra guys who are there only to temporarily fill a roster spot cause they can once they reach agreements with the other unsigned free agents.  For purposes of camps and OTA’s, never hurts to have another defensive end as a practice dummy, not that I’m saying Cohen  is one, but still.  Do you really see Cohen on the roster come September?  Yeah, me neither.

The first voluntary OTA’s are next week from the 22nd to the 24th, so there should be no shortage of players on the field.  Sure, the title says voluntry, but that means really be there when it comes to many teams, the Cardinals being no exception.