Park it Here: Glendale-Cardinals Parking Debate up for Vote


The Arizona Cardinals are threatening the City of Glendale with a $67 million lawsuit if it doesn’t resolve the parking issues around University of Phoenix Stadium.  The Cards, tenants since the stadium’s opening in 2006, have lost some parking sports due to a new outlet mall.  Some spots over at adjacent Westgate were never even built as promised in the original contract.  The last thing either the City of Glendale or the Cardinals need is any kind of negative public issues.  Tonight, Glendale votes on a plan to solve the issue.  Let’s hope it passes or this could get ugly and fast.

Glendale is already trying to save the Phoenix Coyotes and then this issue came up earlier this year when it was announced the Cards would be losing some spots to an outlet mall.  The bickering between Glendale and pro sports never ends it seems.

Glendale apparently has come up with a plan to avoid the lawsuit and give the Cardinals what they need.  Let’s hope so.  Glendale only has till June to figure it out.  This is the last thing either the city or the team needs right before the start of another season – a major distraction.

The last think that you would have ever thought would have been an issue with a new football stadium in a newly developed area would be the parking.  Somehow, Glendale has allowed it to happen.  I’m beginning to wonder about the competency of those who are in charge in Glendale?  Well, scratch that, I’ve always wondered.  I’m just beginning though to figure out why they can’t resolve this with the Cardinals.

So, we’ll see how the vote goes.  Of course I would not be the least surprised to see Glendale not do the right thing here.  Parking.  Geesh.  C’mon guys!