Cardinals Kevin Kolb and John Skelton in for Good Competition


Nothing will be given to either of the Arizona Cardinals top two quarterbacks, Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, here in OTA’s or in training camp.  Both players will have to fight for the starting spot, although I suspect if Kolb doesn’t give away the farm during his playing time in the preseason and stay’s healthy, he is going to get every chance to be the number one quarterback.  The Cards have too much invested to have someone like Kolb sitting on the bench if Kolb has decent numbers in the preseason and limits turnovers and sacks.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt can spin it all he wants, sure there will be competition and Skelton will also be given his chance, but if Kolb is standing upright, moving the ball down the field in practice and games, and limiting the turnovers, Skelton could be doing the same and Kolb will still be your starter. Both will be given a chance to get the starting job though.  That much I believe Wiz is true to his word on.  There’s always a chance.  The door is shut on no one.

Fans may not like Kolb, but unless he fails to grasp the offense by the end of training camp, Kolb most likely goes into the season as the starter.  The last thing Wiz wants is another Matt Leinart fiasco.  This has the potential to turn into that, but I think the Cards have learned their lesson.

That’s not to say Kolb won’t have a quick hook on him if Skelton has proven to be just as reliable behind center going into the season.  The way Skelton has played the past two seasons, there is definitely a place for him in the NFL and it could be as a full-time starter down the road.  However, I still see Kolb as the front runner.  We’ll see how it unfolds.