Look for Much More Production out of Arizona Cardinals Receivers


When the Arizona Cardinals took Michael Floyd in the first round of the NFL Draft last month, you knew the Cards planned to address the production of the receiver position, a position that hasn’t been the same since the departure of Anquan Boldin.  For the past couple of seasons, they’ve had Andre Roberts and Early Doucet “fight” for the number two receiver behind Larry Fitzgerald.  Neither has taken the reins.  Now, it is assumed those two will be fighting for the number three receiver slot, something that is probably a better fit for both of them.  However, that’s not to say one of them couldn’t eventually become the number two.  Floyd still has to prove himself on an NFL field.

The Cards didn’t draft Floyd though as their top pick with the assumption he would or could be the third receiver.  They expect him to assert himself as the number two, immediately.  Right now, I have no reason to believe he won’t.

The bigger question is with Roberts and Doucet.  Roberts will be going into his third season.  He’s been more productive than Doucet, although the number would indicate otherwise from 2011.  Doucet will be entering his fifth season in the NFL.  The Cards have not given up on him yet, although at times it appeared Doucet just wasn’t going to cut it consistently as a go-to guy.  Doucet only had three more receptions than Roberts.  Doucet though had some drops in crucial situations last season.  This may be his last chance to prove himself to the Cards and their fans.

I still think he has something to give.  Numbers wise, he had his best season with 5 TD’s to go with his 54 receptions.  I will always remember the awful drop in Cincinnati though on Christmas Eve that cost the Cards a chance to come back and win.  That was huge.  I truly thought that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  It wasn’t.  The Cards have retained him.  Probably the best choice at this point.  He needs a huge 2012 season though as does Roberts.  If they can both step up, then they could be back to having four go-to guys and give whoever the Cards quarterback will be, multiple weapons.