Idea of Joint Training Camp Practice Between Cards and Chiefs Intriguing


Back in the day, teams used to practice against each other a lot during training camp.  When I worked for the Arizona Cardinals as a ball boy in training camp, they held joint practices with the San Diego Chargers.  Now, there is talk they may hold joint practices with the Kansas City Chiefs the week leading up to their game with the Chiefs in August.  I’m good with that.

First of all, the team will already be in the Midwest for the Hall of Fame Game the Sunday before.  No need to expense a second trip within five days.  Secondly, it gives the Cardinals someone else but themselves to beat up in practice.  It makes practices more exciting and lively.

It should give both teams a good look at each other before battling it out for preseason standings.  The Chiefs have said they would be in favor of such a joint venture this August.  Fans should jump on board too.

I’m all for anything that is perceived as helping the Cardinals prepare for what could end up being a very tough schedule.  I say make it happen.  Really not much wrong with the idea at all.  Just another good move by the Cardinals.