Arizona Cardinals Getting Floyd Looking Better Everyday


The Arizona Cardinals will say they wanted receiver Michael Floyd all along.  It is who I wanted them to get all along.  I’m not sold on the Cards feeling that way, but of course you have to say that publicly as an organization.   After last night’s DUI arrest of Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon, who blew a .24, the pick is looking better and better.  Although Blackmon went fifth in the draft, he was really never on the Cards radar or many other teams for that matter.  Blackmon had a DUI in 201o as well.

Sure, Floyd had some baggage too, but clearly his past has not caught up like Blackmon’s has.  Floyd also hasn’t agreed to a contract yet either.  We’ll see what happens once that takes place.  It’s amazing how a guy gets a big contract and then has a sense of comfort.  What an idiot.

Blackmon now puts terms of his contract in jeopardy and his status with the team is clouded, although he’ll most likely get slap on the hand and the team will give him another chance.  However, this is Blackmon’s second chance to right things after a DUI, so we’ll see just how hard that slap is.  Being it is his first mis-step, he’s likely to get off easy, at least in terms of his job.  The law is another matter.  It was an extreme DUI.  He’d be in a heap of trouble in Arizona with an extreme DUI.  Hopefully Floyd is paying attention.  He went to Notre Dame, he’s smart.  Well, we all hope anyway.

Now, Floyd just needs to stay focused on the field and be the bake to Larry Fitzgerald’s shake as we all expect him to be.  So far, so good.  Keep it that way.