Cardinals Need A Healthy Ryan Williams Come August


Last season, the Arizona Cardinals got away with one.  When rookie running back Ryan Williams went down in the preseason with a knee injury that put him out for the season, many Cards fans, myself included, felt like the running game was doomed.  Beanie Wells has battled the injury bug over his first couple of seasons as well.  The reason to get Williams so that Wells could be spelled.

Beanie Wells though came through, even when injured, in 2011.  Wells stayed in games he probably would have been taken out of in 2010 and 2009.  He only missed two games in 2011, both against the Seattle Seahawks.  Then Wells proved he was the running game for the Cardinals.  There was none without him.  I’m not sure his body can take another season like that.  It would make for a short career.

There is still uncertainty with Williams though, although there hasn’t been any indication he is expected to miss much camp or season.  Jury is still out cause we haven’t heard anything the other way either.  His type of injury has been known to keep players out for over a year.  We are all hoping that is not the case, but if it is, hopefully he doesn’t miss too much time.

Wells has 1,047 yards rushing last season, but imagine if he can get that and Williams adds several hundred himself?  Then you take a little pressure off the quarterbacks having to throw 50 times a game.