Arizona Cardinals 2012 Profile from A to Z: Stanley Arukwe


At first you are probably asking yourself, Stanley who?  By the time training camp is over you might not be asking that to yourself any longer.  Stanley Arukwe, wide receiver from Troy, who signed a free agent contract after the draft.  He played just one year of college football but he has a lot of speed.  The Arizona Cardinals liked him so much, receivers coach Frank Reich called him personally to get him to sign with the Cards.  They see a lot of upside with him and brought him in to compete for a spot, not just another practice body to beat up on.

2011 season at Troy:

12 catches for 231 yards.

Just 12 catches, but it was enough to put him on the map.  Track star by trade, Arukwe may just be one of those surprise guys.  With as much trouble as they’ve had with depth at wide receiver over the past couple of years, I expect him to get every chance to make the roster.  Stranger things have happened.