Boo Birds Will Always be Out in Arizona Warranted or Not


A few weeks ago, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb was booed at the Cards Fan Fest of all places.  I have already discussed my feelings on that situation but I thought I would touch back on the subject of booing after last night’s debacle in which Arizona Diamondbacks right fielder Justin Upton was booed after an 0-5 performance and subsequently bashed fans after the game for doing so.  Whether we agree with the boo birds or not, we do have to remember, without fans, there are no Cardinals or D-backs.  Period.

The booing of Kolb was a little misplaced.  It was the wrong place, wrong time.  He’s getting booed for not reaching expectations fans had, but he was injured and not every loss he was on the field for should be pinned on him.  Last night, fans booed Upton and deservedly so.  He is not performing to expectations.  It was the right place and right time.  It is right in the middle of a season and Upton has had multiple chances to live up to his potential.  In Arizona, Kolb has not had that chance yet.  Yet – fans boo anyway.

So what has become of the Arizona sports fan?  Have our expectations really risen that high?  A taste of a little success and all the sudden a little slip or two, and we boo.  It’s human nature.  Sometimes though the booing is just misplaced.  Personally, I rarely will boo a home team player, even if it is deserved.  However, what the players need to remember, is that without us, there is no them.

After last night’s D-backs game, Upton said he didn’t care about the fans and their booing.  I find that hard to believe or he would never have said it.  Does he really not care about the fans?  I would hate to think that’s the case.  Who knows for sure?  Only he does.  People call him lazy.  I don’t see that.  I just see a guy who isn’t performing.  It’s not for the lack of effort.  I truly think it could be a lack of talent we all thought the guy had.  I think some of that comes into play with Kolb.

Fans perceive Kolb as being lazy, dumb, or both.  I don’t think he’s either.  He’s a guy who hasn’t stepped on the field since December 11th against the San Francisco 49’ers When he was knocked out for the last time with another head injury.  People were calling him out.  Yet just one week before he had probably the best half as a Cardinal against the Dallas Cowboys in leading them to victory.  How quickly fans forget.

The last impression of Kolb is him coming off the field injured.  It has carried into the off-season now and to the point he’s not even getting booed in a regular practice.  He’s getting booed at Fan Fest of all places.  I wonder what happens the first time Kolb throws an interception or fumbles in the preseason?  Does he get booed the first time he gets sacked?  I would hope not.  Thee guys aren’t perfect you know.  The best of them throw interceptions, fumble, get injured, and make mistakes.  Fans have not allowed Kolb enough time.

Fans are passionate and I will give them that.  Fans are the engine that keeps sports going.  Without an engine, the league doesn’t run.  Sometimes though, the engine needs a good reminder it works both ways.  As much as the players need fans, the fans need the games.  It is an outlet from everyday life.  It’s a chance to hang with friends.  It’s a chance to socialize, converse, and analyze.  So, think about that the next time before you decide to boo your hometown guy.  They will always get the boos on the road, good or bad.  Booing will always be a part of sports, just make sure it’s warranted.  Somehow I think though, the boo birds will always be out in Arizona.  Just be informed before doing so please.