Arizona Cardinals Need to Make a Tight End Connection


In 2011, there were a lot of missed opportunities between the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks and tight ends.  Rookie Rob Housler had some good moments, but really let a few golden opportunities slip on by.  Jeff King had a decent season, especially early.  Todd Heap was a disappointment, however we all know he was slowed by injury, so we can’t lay it all on him.  Plays will need to be made by the tight end this season if there is to be any degree of success on the offensive side of the ball.

I see this being a breakout year for Housler.  He was right there on the cusp in 2011.  He caught only 12 passes in 2011, but felt like he could have had so many more.  Look for the Cards to utilize him often this season.

As for King, he had 27 catches for three touchdowns in 2011.  Two of the touchdowns though were in the first two weeks.  It almost seemed as if the Cards trailed away from the position as the season grew on.

Todd Heap.  Many thought he would be the leading receiver on the team.  He didn’t even end up with the most catches for his position.  He had 24 of them.  He missed nine games thanks to injury last season.  You could hear the frustration from not being able to go out and play.  His status is up in the air for 2012.  He is still on the roster and until he isn’t you have to believe he will find a way to contribute to the Cards offensive success this season.