Fitzgerald Not Impressed With Cardinals Quarterback Situation


Larry Fitzgerald is viewed as one of the top receivers in the NFL, one of the top overall players in the NFL.  However, he wants to make sure it stays that way.  Right now, he doesn’t sound convinced the Arizona Cardinals have the quarterback to keep him in that position.  Via a Sportscenter interview Wednesday morning, he said right now if you had to choose between himself and Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions in fantasy football, it is Johnson you should take.

Fitzgerald is impressed with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and did not hold back in saying he was better than what Arizona has right now in Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.  It’s the truth no doubt, but you have to wonder what the motivation was?  What do Kolb and Skelton have to be thinking?  For all we know, they agree with his assessment.  We don’t know.

Fitzgerald says the Cards situation is unknown right now and hopes that training camp fixes that.  I think we all hope that, don’t we?  Hopefully the motivation was to get Kolb and Skelton hungry for competition and bring the best out in both of them starting next week in Flagstaff.

Fitz usually keeps opinions such as these very close to the vest, so for him to come out and make those comments today, you have to believe he is deeply concerned with the direction the Cards are going with the quarterback position.  Many fans are right there with him.  I just say, let it play out in preseason and may the best man win the job.