Cardinals at Low End of Preseason Rankings


How much stock do you put into preseason rankings?  Some put a lot of stock in them, however, personally I don’t put much into them other than amuse myself when they come out and try to figure out why they would rank a team a particular way.  The Arizona Cardinals are at the low end of most preseason rankings.  I understand why, but until these teams take the field and play for real, does it matter?

Obviously the rationale behind ranking the Cards low is due to their quarterback situation, one in which Kevin Kolb and John Skelton will fight for the starting job.  It is quite possible both play so bad in preseason, the Cards could be right back where they were in 2010.  I highly doubt it, but hey, we never thought after 2008 and 2009 we’d be right back at the starting gates with at the quarterback position in 2010.

It is an uphill battle no doubt.  Even Cards receiver Larry Fitzgerald thinks the current Cards quarterbacks have a lot to prove in camp and the preseason.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt, at least publicly, has not wavered in his confidence that Kolb can take a stronghold on the position and if he for some reason can’t, Skelton can do it.  I wonder what he really thinks privately?  We may never know.

The Cards have a strong draft class and several up and coming stars in guys like tight end Rob Housler, cornerback Patrick Peterson, linebackers Sam Acho and Daryl Washington.  There is a lot to be excited about.  A lot of people just look at this team and dismiss the ability these guys have.  It is a matter of putting it together.  Now, will the team that started 2011 at 1-6 or the team that finished the season 7-2 be the ones to show up this season?  We will find out soon.