Arizona Cardinals 2012 Profile from A to Z: Calais Campbell


If you were to ask Arizona Cardinals fans who made the biggest impact on the defense in 2011, many would answer Calais Campbell.  He would also get a lot of votes on special teams too thanks to his blocked kicks, which has seem to become his specialty.  As we enter 2012, look for him to be an even bigger force.

Campbell had 72 tackles in 2011, including eight sacks.  Believe it or not, it seemed like he may have even left several out there.  So many times he was within the grasp of the opposing quarterback and wasn’t able to quite finish the job.  Eventually some of those misses will turn into more sacks.

Campbell, as mentioned, blocked three kicks.  Those long stretched arms of his gives him an advantage not only on the blocking team, but on the defensive line too.  He can block thrown balls or at least alter the quarterbacks throw with the best of them.  He ended up with one interception, two forced fumbles, and one recovered fumble last season.  I expect all those numbers to improve in 2012, even as good as those numbers were.