Arizona Cardinals 2012 Profile from A to Z: David Carter


The defensive line not only has good starters, the Arizona Cardinals also have good reserves to come in and spell those starters.  Defensive tackle David Carter is one of those guys.  He had a good preseason in 2011, good enough to make the roster and contribute during the season.  He didn’t put up huge numbers by any stretch, but they were good enough he should be a strong candidate to contribute again for all of 2012.

Carter did not start in any game but did play in all 16 games in 2011.  He had a modest 16 tackles and one sack as a backup.  He also forced one fumble.  Not bad for being a guy standing on the sidelines for the majority of the season.

As long as he stays healthy, Carter should make this team.  I expect him to also see more time on the field.  He has the tools to be a force for years, even though he only started 12 games in his college career.