Mixed Penn State Reactions from Cards Personnel


The hammer came down on Penn State today.  We know all this.  We know what unprecedented move the NCAA made today in levying sanctions against the NCAA.  Reaction all over the country was mixed and it was no different amongst those involved with the Arizona Cardinals.

All Cardinals reaction via Twitter:

John Skelton, Arizona Cardinals quarterback

"The punishment doesn’t not fit the crime in #PSU."

Dave Pasch, Arizona Cardinals play-by-play broadcaster

"Seems like many feel #NCAA went too far. But at least it did something, rather than taking hands off approach."

Ronald Talley, Arizona Cardinals defensive end

"That’s all Penn state got? No NCAA death penalty for raping kids?"

Darnell Dockett, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle

"Penn State has to vacate all wins from 1998-2011, that means Coach Bobby Bowden, is the Division 1 all time wins leader #fsu"