Day One of Cards Camp and Fans Already Taking QB Sides


Never ceases to amaze me.  Cardinals fans.  In day one of Arizona Cardinals training camp today, Kevin Kolb apparently threw a couple of balls too fast or away from receivers.  So naturally, it’s John Skeltons job to lose.  Really?  It’s one day!  What I also suspect is no matter what Kolb does or say, it won’t matter, John Skelton will be the guy.  I will say this over and over for the next several weeks – let it play out.  One day of practice does not make a starter in a quarterback competition.  Not many are on the fence and are willing to watch it play out.  Most are in one camp or the other.  I’m not about to anoint either guy as the starter, especially after one day.  C’mon.

I realize some still feel jaded by the whole Matt Leinart situation and by all the money the Cards are paying Kolb.  Patience.  I preach patience here and I’m not a patient guy either.  That’s how much I think we need to let this play out here in the preseason.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt told Scott Hanson on NFL Network that he was going to take his time deciding.  He said there would be no timetable and to do so can hurt you.

I don’t profess to be any kind of expert and these are just my opinions as everyone else has theirs, however I think most of you can agree that we aren’t going to know the starter today, tomorrow, or next week.  Complaining and getting frustrated over every single throw Kolb makes is just a waste of breath honestly.  Over a two, three, four weeks, look at the body of work and then formulate your decision as to who should be the starter.  Both Kolb and Skelton will get their chances.  Whisenhunt said they will get equal reps in camp.  That’s the way it should be.

I’m looking forward to the competition.  By the way, for those of you suggesting Richard Bartel or Ryan Lindley, and trust me I’ve seen it today, will be the starter in 2012, clearly you don’t have an idea.  I love the passion and I think Lindley could be starter down the road in the NFL, but let’s get serious, the Cards aren’t going down that path again – you know like Max Hall in 2010.