Cardinals Wide Receivers Only Will be as Good as QB’s Allow Them


We know, everyone wants to talk about the quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals.  What about the receivers who will be the recipients of their throws?  The Cards have a number of guys who will fight for the last couple of spots.  We know Larry Fitzgerald is number one.  We assume Michael Floyd will be number two.  They didn’t draft him to be anything else.  After that, we know Andre Roberts is in the mix, probably as the number three and it’s our best guess after that.  We need to hope that the Cards quarterbacks will be able to get the ball to them, otherwise it won’t really matter who is one, two, three, etc. No one will emerge as a star if John Skelton or Kevin Kolb keeps overthrowing them.

The other receivers on the training camp roster are Early Doucet, who has been mostly a disappointment, LaRon Byrd, Stanley Arukwe, Gino Crump, Tre Gray, Jaymar Johnson, DeMarco Sampson, Isaiah Williams, and Steven Williams.  It’s all as much a guessing game who fills out the receiver core as the quarterback position is.

Definitely in: Fitz, Floyd, Roberts

Most Likely to make roster: Doucet, Steven Williams

An outside chance of making roster: Byrd, Sampson, Isaiah Williams

Just roster bodies: Arukwe, Crump, Gray, Johnson

The Cardinals have been waiting for the number two and three receivers spots to be solidified for the last couple of years ever since Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston left.  Roberts and Doucet fought last year, but neither could play consistently enough, thus the reason for drafting Floyd.

The Cards could keep as many as six receivers on the initial roster depending on how other positions play out.  I see them keeping five, especially if the running back and tight end positions need more depth.  Byrd is the one guy I’m keeping my eye on.  He could outplay Steven Williams.  Sampson and Isaiah Williams were both in the mix for the final roster at the end of camp last year, so I won’t completely count those guys out either.

One thing is for sure, Fitz is the man and Floyd is going to be exciting to watch!  Like I said though, let’s just hope the quarterbacks can get them the ball.