Kevin Kolb Listed First on Depth Chart, Gets Injured in Practice


The first official depth chart was released by the Arizona Cardinals on Monday.  It listed quarterback Kevin Kolb as first on the depth chart.  Let’s be real here though, it means absolutely nothing.  Although it means nothing, you know there is some Cards fan banging his head right now 12 hours later wondering why he is being punished?  People take this stuff too seriously.  Kolb is the presumed starter.  There hasn’t been enough of camp to assume otherwise.  Oh and he got hurt today, injuring his quad.

As of right now the injury does not appear to be serious as he walked off on his own.  However, he will be further evaluated on Tuesday.  Of course no matter the result it didn’t take long for fans to take to Twitter to proclaim their hatred for Kolb.

I’ve seen tweets like “he still throws like a girl”, “still misses water from the beach”, and then a few more I can’t repeat.  People act all angry towards him too and I don’t get it, I really don’t.  People are calling him all kinds of names.  Really?  I guess no one noticed how he stayed after practice today to sign autographs?  Oh and he signed more after leaving the locker room too.  Could have been real easy for him to just walk away and not do any of that.

Look the guy isn’t Kurt Warner.  He isn’t Tom Brady.  He isn’t Matthew Stafford.  He is though still an NFL quarterback competing for a job.  People had their minds made up before camp even started.  We are only on day five of practice today.  I urge, once again, patience. We should know more tomorrow on his thigh injury.