Kevin Kolb to Start Against New Orleans Saints


Now, don’t go reading much into this, however, the Arizona Cardinals announced yesterday that Kevin Kolb will start the Hall of Fame Game Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints.  I say don’t read much into it because Kolb and John Skelton will rotate who starts the five preseason games.  You’ll probably see both in all contests.  Kolb is listed first on the quarterback depth chart – this week.

Naturally it should be Kolb that gets first crack at it but it means absolutely nothing other than one of the quarterbacks had to start this week.  Why not have it be the guy listed first on the depth chart?  I imagine we will see plenty of Skelton too.

Kolb injured his quad a couple of days ago but seems to be fine at this point.  It should not limit any of Kolb’s game preparation or game time.  Next week you will see John Skelton get the start, so all you Skelton fans worry not.  You’ll be seeing your boy start soon.

The quarterback position will not be won in practice or a scrimmage.  It will be won on the playing field in a game situation.  It doesn’t really matter who is starting this Sunday in Canton, Ohio.  That’s the way it should be.