Round One of Cards Quarterback Competition Goes to John Skelton


The Arizona Cardinals are nowhere near ready to name a starting quarterback, however if you’re scoring rounds at home, you can probably be safe in saying John Skelton wins round over Kevin Kolb in the 17-10 loss to the New Orelans Saints. Many of you are ready to anoint Skelton the starter now but I preach patience.  Kolb didn’t play much thanks to an interception on the first series and getting injured on the third series.  The injury, being called a rib contusion, did not appear to be serious.

Skelton went 4-6 for 32 yards, no interceptions.  He led the Cards on their only touchdown drive, which is what Skelton fans are currently hanging their hats on.  In all fairness though, it’s all they have and Kolb did nothing practically.  Kolb went just 1-4 for 4 yards and the one interception.  No exactly a memorable night for Kolb.

If you want to look at things overall, Ryan Lindley really did the best of them all, although he was playing against second, third, and fourth strings guys.  Still, Lindley was impressive in the time he got.  He went 10-21 for 118 yards.  He also threw one interception.

As for the Skelton-Kolb competition, Skelton wins round one.  Although officially a starter has not been named for Friday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, I would look for him to get the start.  Whether Kolb plays at all remains to be seen.  Let’s all remember this though – one touchdown drive and 32 yards does not a starter make.  It is a start though and it’s more than Kolb can say he accomplished Sunday night.