After 27-17 Loss to KC, Quarterback Situation Still Far From Resolved


Forget the fact the Arizona Cardinals overall looked unprepared from the beginning of a 27-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Friday night.  Right now, the hot topic is still the Cards quarterback position, which after unwhelming performances by both John Skelton and Kevin Kolb, remains far from being resolved.  At least it appears that way.  Skelton looked tentative and threw one interception in his short stint.  Kolb stayed in the game long enough to complete a 21-yard pass.  He did not turn the ball over or get hurt.

Of course if you go out and ask many fans, they still think Skelton can do no wrong.  However, after last night, you could see the tides turning a bit.  Not towards Kolb mind you, but towards Ryan Lindley.  Lindley really didn’t play all that well either last night.  However the fact that neither Skelton or Kolb played well, anything positive from Lindley people were hanging their hat on. I even saw one comment on a site where a guy thought Lindley should be named the starter because of how he played against the Saints.  Clearly, some people have no idea.

It may take two more games before you know who the starter is.  I can tell you this, coach Ken Whisenhunt was not happy with how things went and he had every reason.  If it wasn’t Skelton or Kolb getting sacked for indecisiveness it was a lackluster performance by the offensive line.

The best quarterback of the evening?  Richard Bartel.  Trust me, that’s not saying much.  He did throw a touchdown but the game was all but over already at that point.  Still, it was something I guess.

Now, we turn the attention back to camp in Flagstaff in Monday and then the next game against the Oakland Raiders on Friday at University of Phoenix Stadium.