Second Quarter a Little Better on Offense, Arizona Cardinals Down 17-10


So, it wasn’t John Skelton’s night.  For a minute it looked like it was Kevin Kolb’s night, then it didn’t, then finally, FINALLY, Kolb may have just taken hold of the quarterback competition.   One thing is for sure, it isn’t the Arizona Cardinals defense’s night.  They looked awful.  Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker has made things looked rather easy as he has led the Titans to a 17-10 halftime lead.  What else is new?

Ryan Williams and Beanie Wells have looked good tonight, both running very hard.  They are the brightest lights on offense.  Kolb did have several nice completions, four to Larry Fitzgerald, the first time those two have hooked up this preseason.  He did throw a bad interception, however the two-minute drive made up for that.

I know it’s just preseason, but we are only two weeks from the regular season and the way the defense has played and the way the offensive line has played, I’ll tell you folks, it doesn’t look good from those standpoints right now.  If not for several high passes or drops from Titans receivers, this could be a 31-10 or worse game at this point.  Cards have looked that bad up to the two-minute drive.  Nice drive to end the half though.  Let’s see if it is something to build on.