Last Round of Interviews for Kolb and Skelton on Thursday Night

Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are still sitting wondering who will be the starting quarterback going into the fifth and final preseason game this Thursday against the Denver Broncos.  Amazing isn’t it?  The prevailing thought was Skelton would be the winner by default going into the game last Thursday against the Tennessee Titans, however after Skelton’s performance, Kolb did enough to stay in the conversation despite two bad picks. 

How much each play this week is really still a mystery, at least to all of us.  Now, coach Ken Whisenhunt may have all the answers already and is just choosing not to divulge that information.  My guess some of it all may still be a mystery to coach Wiz as well.  It has to be.  As of Sunday night, the Cardinals were the only team in the NFL yet to name its regular season starter.  Going into Sunday the Seattle Seahawks were the only other team yet to name its starter.  That was put to bed Sunday night with the naming of Russell Wilson as their starting quarterback.  Wilson and the Seahawks visit Arizona on opening kickoff weekend.

Right now my best guess is leaning towards Kolb as the starter.  I think Kolb did enough in moving the ball last week.  That being said though, he did throw the two interceptions.  He threw his one touchdown in between his picks.

Let’s not forget, just because Wiz names a starter for September 9th, that does not necessarily mean he is locked in for the season with whoever he names.  He could name Kolb and by week three we are looking at Skelton again.  Very good possibility of that happening, even vice versa.  I’m sure the last thing Wiz wants to do is play musical quarterbacks, however he has always said he will play the guy that gives them the best chance to win.  You don’t want a platoon situation like he had in 2010.  Clearly that didn’t work, however, he always reserves the right to change his mind and don’t be surprised to see it happen once, or twice, or three times throughout the 2012 season.