Kevin Kolb Gets Second Chance in Start Against Patriots


Sept. 9, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb (4) walks off the field after a win against Seattle Seahawks at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb had the starting job.  Then he lost it in training camp to John Skelton.  The after Skelton started last week’s game, he came out in the fourth quarter after spraining his ankle.  Kolb came in and drove them down the field for the winning touchdown.  Now, with Skelton unable to go, Kolb gets a second chance when he starts against the New England Patriots on Sunday.  Win or lose, it could be a job that is his for awhile.

Even if Kolb loses on Sunday, if he plays well, or better than any point of the preseason, then I believe he keeps the job, even after Skelton is healthy enough to play.  That is no knock on Skelton because I thought he played well in last week’s win.  He digressed a little in the third quarter, but it wasn’t all on him.  However, once Kolb came in and basically did what the coaches had been looking for the entire month of August, this just might be the event that sparks Kolb.

When I say Kolb can lose and still keep the starting job I mean it.  New England is going to be a tough cookie.  They’ve won their past 10 straight home openers.  Forget the fact it’s the Cardinals.  The fact is, it is hard for any team to go into New England and come away with a victory, at any time.

If Kolb can move the ball and put some points on the board, it is another big step in his recovery from falling to backup and trying to regain full time starter status.  Normally I don’t like a starter to lose his job because of injury, however in this case, if Kolb plays well, you have to continue to play him.  It almost seems very reminiscent of the Kurt WarnerMatt Leinart saga.  Warner was the starter, got hurt, lost his starting job to Leinart.  Leinart injured his arm and Warner came in and didn’t relinquish the starting job again until his retirement.  I’m not saying Kolb is Warner by any means.  I’m just simply pointing out we’ve been down this path before.

Limit turnovers and score points and Kevin Kolb will be the starter next week at home no matter Sunday’s outcome.  Unless Kolb gets hurt – well then, that’s a whole other story.