Cardinals QB Kolb Injury Not Season-Ending but Could be Season-Altering


Oct. 14, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb leaves the field with trainers after suffering an injury in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Bills defeated the Cardinals 19-16 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It wasn’t the worst news in the world we could have gotten however it was not good news either.  Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb has several ribs detached from his sternum and is out several weeks according to sources.  Cardinals quarterback John Skelton fans are rejoicing while the rest of the sane-minded people are wondering what’s next?  The internet trolls are alive and well.  Most Cards fans hate to see an injury however there has been plenty of sightings on the net today on different sites rejoicing this news.

Now Skelton gets his chance again.  Those either in Kolb’s camp or on the fence fear this could be the end of the fantasy season.  After a 4-0 start, now 4-2, it could be all doom and gloom looking at the schedule.  Maybe.

The next four games are tough.  Very tough, however they’ve already won three really tough ones and a game that should have been easier and probably had no business winning against the Miami Dolphins after the way the first 55 minutes of that one went.  This team has proven doubters wrong before.  They’ll need to do it for the next four weeks at least.

Kolb’s injury comes at a bad time.  They’ve already lost running back Beanie Wells until at least after Thanksgiving and running back Ryan Williams for the season.  The offense can’t take many more hits, no pun intended.

The haters are out there though.  People want to forget Skelton’s overtime interception against Buffalo, mainly because Kolb threw one just like it earlier in the game.  Problem is, Skelton’s was a game ender.  Kolb’s was early enough for the Cards to overcome it.  Skelton can’t make mistakes like that at the time he made it.  It’s all about timing.

People want to talk about Skelton’s record and comeback wins.  These are the same people that say we should ignore Kolb’s stats and what he has done for the Cards so far in the first six games.  Hey, there are worse quarterbacks than Skelton, I think.  Ok, yeah I’ve seen some of the backups in this league this season, he isn’t the worst.  He isn’t a starter though.  He proved that this past weekend.

Then there are the guys that like Skelton cause he isn’t Kolb.  These delusional dirtbags are thankful for Kolb’s injury.  They are beside themselves with joy.  When reported the news you would have thought Santa Claus just delivered them the best gift in the world – a Cards offense with Kolb.  Trolls went and made their comments on the story.  These no-good idiots have no clue.  I wish I could say they are the exception rather than the rule, but they aren’t.  People hate Kolb and wish him ill-will, all in the name of Skelton.  Kolb can do no good in their eyes.  To those people, I say get a life.

I sure hope Skelton can perform this weekend in Minnesota.  It will be awfully tough for him to go in there and win though.  They may not lose because of him either.  It’s just a tough place to play period.  Always has been for the Cardinals.  Kolb is still the better answer for the Cards.  For now though, we get Skelton.  I’m rooting for him.  We need a successful quarterback in Kolb’s absence.  If he plays well, they have a shot.  I hope I end up being wrong about Skelton in the end.  Good luck.