Cardinals Defense Gets Robbed in Pro Bowl Vote


Dec. 16, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (21) retuns a punt during the second half against the Detroit Lions at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals beat the Lions 38-10. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Bowl shmo bowl.  The Arizona Cardinals only got one player in the Pro Bowl, cornerback Patrick Peterson.  His selection was well deserved however he was the only one selected. The Cards defense should have gotten 4-5 players in easy.  The Kansas City Chiefs, 2-13, got five players in.  Ridiculous.

Linebacker Daryl Washington.  Robbed.  He had a great season.  He did get an alternate selection and with history bound to repeat itself with 90 percent of the roster being different once the game gets going, Washington will probably make it to Hawaii.  However, I’m with him when he says he is disappointed he didn’t get in.

Defensive end Calais Campbell.  Robbed.  However I guess when your own coach puts you in the doghouse how can you expect the rest of the league to respect you.

Punter Dave Zastudil.  Robbed.  They guy should at least get the nod for having to punt 857 times.  He had a great avaerage.  SO did many others, but he should get extra credit for all the overtime he put in.

I guess with the Cards being 5-10, you won’t have much room to complain, however the defense should have been give more consideration.  It comes down to organizational respect though.  Hence why the Chiefs got five guys in.  It is what it is.