With McCoy Taken, Arizona Cardinals May be Calling You Next


So, mark another one off the list.  Denver Broncos, make that former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, has accepted the head coaching job of the San Diego Chargers.  The announcement came on Tuesday, the same day the Arizona Cardinals were scheduled to have McCoy in for a second interview.  So much for that.

McCoy makes yet another guy on the Cards list that has taken a job elsewhere.  At this rate don’t be surprised if the Cards come calling your number for an interview.  It is clear that Cards are not sold on Ray Horton, otherwise he would have been hired already.  I’m not saying he won’t end up with the job but you have to wonder about the Cards confidence in him as a head coach if they’ve yet to hire him.

The Cards are reportedly ready to interview Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell now.  Clearly the Cards are trying to get an offensive head coach, another reason they may be trying to steer clear of Horton for now.  Don’t worry, by March they should of interviewed every offensive coordinator in the NFL and then, maybe then, they will have no choice….but to re-hire Ken Whisenhunt.