Arizona Cardinals Going to Pay Attention to Offensive Line


Nov 18, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; The Arizona Cardinals offense lines up against the Atlanta Falcons defense during the first half at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about better late than never.  The Arizona Cardinals now plan to devote several coaches to working with improving what has been a dismal offensive line.  Sure, there have been injuries that have necessitated some moves but the fact that the Cards have been slow to grow better on the offensive line, this is welcome news to Cardinals fans.

Yes, the firing of Russ Grimm was well overdue.  However the line was bad all by itself.  Grimm didn’t help matters – at all.  The Cards though have shuffled players from sides they aren’t used to, positions meant for others.  I get it.

The Cards need to stay away from free agents like Adam Snyder.  Stay away from draft picks like Levi Brown, or at least draft a guy like Levi Brown much later in the draft.  Please don’t remind me the Cards drafted Brown ahead of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Pickups like Daryn Colledge have been nice.  He can be a leader on that line.  Robert Massie will be around for a long time.  He just needs time to develop.  Now, the Cards must address the line in the draft.  This time, they may be able to find someone worth a first round pick.  However, remember, these are the Cardinals.  Anything is possible.