Enough Mocking, Time For The Arizona Cardinals To Draft For Real


Oct 13, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Oklahoma Sooner tackle Lane Johnson (69) in action against Texas Longhorns defensive end Alex Okafor (80) during the red river rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NFL Draft is finally here.  Tomorrow night at this time we will know who the Arizona Cardinals have selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.  Of course there is always the chance the Cards make a huge deal and trade the pick but that’s about as smart as using lighter fluid to fight a fire.  The question is of course is how will the Cards spend their pick?  If they do trade, it could be up or down but it won’t be out.  At lot will depend on who is still on the board at number seven.

The two most obvious choices, at least to myself and many other fans, is go offensive line.  Cards head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t necessarily see panic at the offensive line though and sounds like a guy ready to draft at another position.  Of course that could all be posturing to get the guy they really want tomorrow night in New York.

I have them selecting Lane Johnson, OT from Oklahoma.  There are a lot of rumors out there other teams are very interested in his services.  He could be gone by number seven.  Sure to be gone is Eric Fisher, OT from Central Michigan.  He was on my radar early on but I’ve seen at least three teams linked to him over the past week.

If the Cards don’t get their OT, they could get OG Chance Wormack from Alabama.  I actually saw a mock draft on Monday on Yahoo.com from Greg Cosell.  He thinks the Cards are going for WR Tavon Austin.  I will say, how about no?  Yeah no way.  Not that he isn’t a good receiver.  He does not fill what the Cards need.  Granted many coaches will tell you that they don’t draft for need.  Former Cards head coach Ken Whisenhunt said that was his thinking.  You’ll notice he and Rod Graves, former general manager, are both no more, hence former in front of their titles.

Defense is always a possibility and they could go a number of ways there.  However in my opinion, I think the Cards have done themselves a disservice if there is still one of the top OL’s on the board at number seven and they go with a different position.  Should be an interesting evening.