Arizona Cardinals: Can Michael Floyd be Trusted in Fantasy?


Oct 29, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; San Francisco 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver (29) deflects a pass intended for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Floyd (15) during the second half at University of Phoenix Stadium. The 49ers beat the Cardinals 24-3. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Second year wide receiver Michael Floyd of the Arizona Cardinals has a huge opportunity to break out this year. As Floyd very well could be a hidden gym in this year’s fantasy draft.

When you are a first round draft pick (2012) and get to play opposite Larry Fitzgerald, one would think this could be a huge break out season for Floyd. However, can he be trusted this year as a fantasy player?

Last season, the beginning of Floyd’s rookie season, the wide out could not even get on (sniff) the football field. However, in the grand scheme of things it is quite common (early in the season) for first year players not to get on the field, especially first year wide receivers.

Typically, the wide receiver position is one of the most difficult positions to learn.  For first year receivers there is just so much to learn.

Coming out of college it typically takes time to learn the play book. NFL play books are enormous compared to college play books, so it can be pretty overwhelming for first year receivers. It also usually takes many reps for the quarterback and receiver to get on the same page and trust each other.

In the NFL, primarily because of the talented cornerbacks and terrific defensive schemes, there must be precise route running. There must also be complete trust with the quarterback that the receiver will be exactly where they are supposed to be on the football field. As many routes are predicated on timing and for the receiver to be at a specific spot and at a specific time on the field.

So if the routes are not precise and there is not complete trust, the QB will hesitate to go their way and get them the football.  For that reason, first year receivers have a tough time getting on the football field, especially early in the (career) year.

Early on last year (2012) is precisely what happened to Michael Floyd. However by the second half of the year Floyd started to see the field and making his mark. Whisenhunt (former head coach) and staff started to trust Floyd as the season went on. By the end of last year Floyd started looking quite impressive.

Even without an established quarterback at the helm, Floyd started to become a popular target by the end of the year. For instance the last game of the year against the 49ers, Floyd had a standout performance with eight receptions for one hundred and sixty-six yards and a touchdown. For the year Floyd ended up with 45 receptions for 562 yards and two touchdowns.

As far as I am concerned, that is not too bad for a rookie receiver that did not play much the first half of the year and with no established quarterbacks on the roster.

So far this off-season during OTA’s there has been much praised by the new coaching staff that Floyd has been the standout and the most improved player at the receiver position.  Furthermore, ESPN recently chose (predicted) Michael Floyd to be the breakout player of the year this year.

So I personally will predict that Floyd will be a terrific pickup as a fantasy receiver. If all goes well, Floyd should have at minimum, 65 receptions for 1000 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns.  If all goes well by the end of the year, he should start garnering much respect allowing things to open up for Fitzgerald, creating a dynamic duo for the two.

Therefore, with a man named Larry Fitzgerald on the opposite side of Floyd and Carson Palmer now at the helm pulling the trigger, Floyd should be a great fantasy selection and could be a huge surprise.