Arizona Cardinals vs. Seattle Seahawks: 5 Questions with 12th Man Rising


Dec 9, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane (20) forces a fumble by Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson (21) on a kickoff return at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks met it was last December and I don’t think I need to remind you what happened in that game.  However, in case you have forgotten, it was a 58-0 blowout by the Seahawks in the most lopsided loss in Cards history.  The Cards are coming off a 32-20 loss to the San Francisco 49’ers and the Seahawks coming off a win, escaping the Tennessee Titans at home 13-10.  This game promises to be a lot closer than the one last December.

I got together with 12th Man Rising‘s Mitch Quesada for a Q&A to get a Seahawks perspective on the game.

1. Seattle is 5-1 but had a close call against Tennessee at home this past week and lost in Indianapolis the week before.  Are the Seahawks regressing at all, or just a small blip in an otherwise successful season so far?

"The Colts are a great football team so most Seahawks fans are forgiving of that loss. Seattle was also playing that game very injured — three of their five starting offensive lineman did not play, which caused Russell Wilson to run more than throw the football. As for the Titans game, for the second consecutive week, a costly special teams error changed the momentum and nearly the outcome of the game. This is just a small blip in an otherwise successful season, the Seahawks have just gotten hurt at the wrong time. In the long run, the Seahawks went 5-1 without three starting lineman, without Bruce Irvin for four games (due to suspension, not injury), and without Percy Harvin. When everyone gets healthy, watch out."

2. Is Richard Sherman the best cornerback in the NFL and how would you compare him to Cards cornerback Patrick Peterson?


"Richard Sherman is the best corner in the NFL. He has played shut down football and his clutch plays have been difference makers (i.e. his INT for a TD against the Texans that helped send the game to overtime). Patrick Peterson is an incredible corner, no one can take that away from him. On the other hand, Sherman has proved his worth again and again and always seems to make the big play when the Seahawks need him to."

3. Other than Sherman, who else should the Cardinals be worried about on the Seahawks defensive side of the ball?

"The Cardinals should be very worried when it comes to the Seahawks defense. Brandon Browner, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor will cause a lot of problems for Carson Palmer early on. The Seahawks like putting pressure on the quarterback so that their secondary can do work after the ball is thrown. It will be more difficult for Seattle to bring pressure on Thursday night because Chris Clemons and Bobby Wagner are both injured (more injuries? Who would have guessed?) but if the defense can get to Palmer early, he could be in for a long night."

4. That was pretty cool of Will Ferrell and Macklemore to show up at the Seahawks game and in the locker room.  Are you noticing any kind of trend with celebrities gravitating towards Seahawks football?

"Macklemore was born and raised in Seattle so I know he has always been a fan of the team. Ferrell is a Southern California man through and through, so I was unaware until recently of his interest in the Seahawks. Drew Carey is a notable Seahawks fan and has been for years. Todd and Sarah Palin are reportedly part of the Seahawk fan base in Alaska. Other than them, I haven’t noticed too many more celebrities joining the 12th Man, but I could be wrong. Seattle hasn’t had a history of great sports teams (ask the Mariners) so it is nice to see the area get recognition for having a good team."

5. Your prediction for Thursday night’s game?

"The last time the teams played, the Seahawks won 58-0. Thursday will be no such blowout. In fact, I think the Cardinals will put up a real battle. Russell Wilson lost his first game as a pro in Glendale and he will have to play exceptionally well to lead his team to a 6-1 record. But in the end, he should be able to do just that."

"Seahawks 24, Cardinals 17"