Arizona Cardinals At 4-4, Headed In Different Direction


Oct 27, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington (38) runs for an 80 yard touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons in the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals at 4-4 looks like a familiar sight.  If that record seems familiar to you, well it should be.  It is exactly where the Cards were after eight games in 2012.  This time though, they are headed in a different direction.

They started out 2012 at 4-0, but then proceeded to lose all but one more game the rest of the season.  They were 4-4 after a very disappointing October.  Quarterback Kevin Kolb was struggling.  The running game was non-existent, the head coach was stubborn, and the defense was pretty good.

In 2013, they won in week eight to bring them to the current 4-4 record and may have finally found the right balance to find success on offense, move the ball and the let the defense get some rest and then do their work.  Their 27-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons leaves a good taste in everyone’s mouth.  The offense finally limited its mistakes.  For the first time since week one, quarterback Carson Palmer had more touchdowns than interceptions.  The Cards running game got into full gear with Andre Ellington and Stepfan Taylor, rushing for 201 yards, more than two games worth when comparing it against the first seven games of the season.

The defense played great, getting four interceptions, bringing their mark to 12 for the season, only one interception behind the NFL leader.  They limited the passing plays for Palmer to just 18.  It seems like the best recipe for success going into the second half of the season.  I’m not going to predict it will work against all eight opponents but I think they have something to work with now.  The team knows now just what kind of game they need to play to make it their best game.  This is a team that can make the playoffs.  I will never predict they will because these are the Cardinals after all.  I’m just saying, did you feel this was a possibility after eight games last season even given the hot start?  Me either.