Arizona Cardinals Still Have A Lot To Play For


Dec 15, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington (38) tries to break free from the grasp of Tennessee Titans defensive end Derrick Morgan (91) during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The past couple of days I’ve heard the debate on the radio whether or not the Arizona Cardinals should just play the last two games out thinking they have little chance of making the playoffs, especially given the opponent the next two weeks.  Despite what the “experts” may have told you, the Cards are realistically still in the playoff hunt.  As they say, this is why you play the games.

Many think it is a foregone conclusion the Cards are going to lose in Seattle to the Seattle Seahawks.  Even I say the odds are stacked against them but why can’t they win there?  They’ve surprised us all season.  Why can’t they win?  Then the game in Glendale in week 17 against the San Francisco 49ers you can pretty much get a split amongst people about their chances of winning.

Then there is the crazy notion that there are those out there that say it would be better if the Cards lost to Seattle if they want to realistically make the playoffs.  WHY?  Yes, I get they lose a three-team tie-breaker but every scenario is contingent on what the Niners and the Carolina Panthers do anyway, so I say just go out and try to win football games and whatever happens, happens.

I’m done making predictions about what will happen but I will say this, the Cards, whether they finish 9-7, 10-6, 11-5, I think you can all agree they’ve been fun to watch, maybe a little nerve-wrecking at times, however still fun.  They’ve finished right about where I thought they could on the high end of things.  I said back in August this team could be 6-10 or 10-6.  The fact they still have a shot at 11-5 is amazing, playoffs or no playoffs.  We can talk about all the what if’s in two weeks if they don’t make the playoffs.  They’ve given themselves something to build on for next season if for nothing else.

If they get in to the playoffs, I’m elated.  Sure, I’ll be disappointed if they don’t get into the playoffs but either way, I’m happy they aren’t trolling the cellar of the division or conference again.  Bruce Arians and company have made football fun again in Glendale.