The Arizona Cardinals Won With an Imperfect Game


Seahawks Fans react to the upset 12/22/2013 Credit: KING 5 News

All last week we have heard “the Cardinals have to play a perfect game to win against Seattle.” Looking back the day after the game, that statement is completely false. Even I thought they had to play perfect, but this “grind-out” win or go home team rose up to the occasion. In a game where the Cardinals had FOUR turnovers (all interceptions), they still kept plugging away. Even Marshawn Lynch was held to only 71 yards! If anyone were to tell me that Carson would throw 4 picks and the Cardinals would still win by a touchdown, I would have thought they were nuts.

Looking back at this game, the Cardinals offense actually had MANY attempts at the Red Zone on Sunday. The majority of the plays were forced and then intercepted, or settled for field goals. I don’t recall Seattle having as many shots at the end-zone as the Cardinals did that day. I think that theory works like hockey, “the more shots on goal you have, the better chance you have at putting up points.” The Cardinals defense played out of their minds, holding Russel Wilson 108 yards passing and sacking him four times. Through most of the game Arizona only rushed four men at Wilson and it paid off.

I would expect a very similar defensive scheme next Sunday against San Francisco. This game will be a “win and you’re in” scenario as either a loss by San Francisco (against Atlanta tonight and Arizona Sunday) or a loss by New Orleans (against Tampa Bay) will give the Cardinals a shot at the playoffs in the 2013-2014 season.

This game was nowhere near perfect for the Arizona Cardinals, but every game they play to win.