Arizona Cardinals: Wide Receivers Combine Evaluation


Feb 23, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Oregon Ducks wide receiver Brandin Cooks (13) catches the ball during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The wide receiver position is another I don’t particularly see as a major need for the Arizona Cardinals this upcoming draft.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t watching and paying attention.  You never now.  If the right guy is available, you should take him.

At the combine, there were some notable results amongst the wide outs.  One thing I look for with Cards wide outs is how high can a guy jump?  We’ve seen Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd grab balls out of nowhere with the best of them.  Given the style of quarterback the Cards have in Carson Palmer, I almost view it as a necessity a receiver be able to out jump his opponent.  Tevin Reese from Baylor had the best vertical jump result at 41 inches. Reese has been graded as a better than average chance to make a roster.

Of course speed is also very important at the receiver position.  Brandin Cooks from Oregon State had the best 40-yard dash result at 4.33 seconds.  He was graded as a chance to become an NFL starter.  With speed like that, there’s no doubt he’ll get that chance.  Cooks also had the best 20-yard and 60-yard shuttle times.  Impressive.

I don’t know if the Cards will want to spend a pick at the receiver or not.  I doubt Cooks would be available when the Cards would eventually want to look at a receiver.  Another guy highly regarded is LSU’s Odell Beckham.  He actually was graded slightly higher than Cooks overall.  If not the Cards, these two guys should find excellent chances to shine in the NFL.