Arizona Cardinals Daryl Washington Gets Probation


Dec 15, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Arizona Cardinals inside linebacker Daryl Washington (58) lunges for the interception against the Tennessee Titans during the second half at LP Field. Arizona won 37-34. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Swept under the rug sort of by our gang at Raising Zona over the past couple of days was the fact that Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington was sentenced finally for his aggravated assault against his ex-girlfriend last year.  He was given probation.

His sentence calls for supervised probation for one year.  He could have gotten a lot worse.  He faced as much as 18 months in jail.  I think we can all pretty much agree he was never going to see that much time, if any at all.  Although I am happy that the sentencing is out of the way, Washington still has music to face with both the NFL and his fans.  Fans seem to be pretty forgiving.  People make mistakes, including football players.  My hope is he finds the help is is already finding the help he needs.

That being said, now the waiting game takes place with the NFL.  Almost assuredly the NFL will deal some kind of punishment to Washington for his off the field incident.  The NFL has set precedent over the Roger Goodell years in doing so in similar incidents.  Washington will likely be missing time now for the second straight season.  He was suspended the first four games of 2013 for a banned substance.  Tke Cards were able to weather the storm without him but certainly the skies are calmer with Washington on the field.  Let’s hope for a quick resolution for both Washington and the Cards sake.