Arizona Cardinals Draft Day New Era Caps Have Good Look


On draft day, NFL draftees get to don their new team’s hat.  New Era has created a nice looking draft day cap for the 2014 NFL Draft.  The Arizona Cardinals draft day caps are very cool and something you may want to get your hands on.

Players drafted in the first-round will be able to shake NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand sporting these hats this Thursday starting at 5pm Arizona time.  This year’s cap features reflective material on top of the cap’s visor.  When exposed to a phone camera flash, reveals a mosaic of team word marks and logos.  The caps are now available for purchase at

New Era is the official on-field cap of the NFL.  It will be interesting to see which player will be the first of the Cards to wear the Cards New Era cap.  The Cards cap is so good looking, I may even buy more than one and may also look to make purchases of some of the other teams caps.  I think they look that nice.