Arizona Cardinals Show Ryan Williams the Door


Sept. 30, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals running back Ryan Williams (34) runs the ball against Miami Dolphins cornerback Richard Marshall (31) in the second half at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Dolphins 24-21 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals finally made the move many Cards fans thought would and maybe should have happened at the end of the 2013 preseason on Monday.  They cut running back Ryan Williams.

Williams, drafted in 2011, found himself facing two injuries that in the end spelled his demise.  He injured himself in the 2011 preseason that put him out for the year and then in 2012 he only made it five games into the season before being lost for the remainder.  Last season he found himself fifth on the running back depth chart.  That got him nowhere and never saw the field in 2013.

Many, including myself, thought that if the Cards weren’t going to play him, why allow him to toil on the inactive list every week?  The thought was they were keeping him for insurance in case something happened to the other four guys, he could step in.  Problem was in the two or three times an injury kept one of the other four from playing, Williams still sat.

You have to wonder what it was about him head coach Bruce Arians didn’t particularly like about him?  Arians said all the right things when he made the team out of the preseason but you have to wonder if it was all for public relations?  Cards fans really wanted to see Williams succeed.  If he wasn’t going to get to play here, then why not cut him and allow him to latch onto another team.  Whatever the case was, it is all moot now.  Williams days as a Cards running back are over and it is time to move on.