Legal Prostitution to Arizona for Super Bowl is Bad Idea


Dec 8, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; A general view of the exterior of University of Phoenix Stadium before the Arizona Cardinals play the St. Louis Rams. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought you had heard it all.  Dennis Hof, who owns Bunny Ranch in Nevada, wants to bring a legal brothel to Arizona.  No, not permanently, just for the Super Bowl.  That’s the last thing Arizona needs to deal with, especially during Super Bowl week and when the Arizona Cardinals could be the first team to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium.

His idea is simple.  He thinks it will clean up Phoenix’s sex industry.  Right.  No, what he really wants to do is go above the law to serve his own purpose.  You need to pass a law to legalize it.  You aren’t doing that for a one-time event.  It would also put a black eye on the city and the NFL if it even considered the idea.

Quite frankly, I’m surprised mainstream media gave this much attention at all.  That’s all it is, an attention grabber.  It’s a publicity stunt.  I mean, of course it got me to talk about it but let’s be honest, NFL news is slow for the next couple of weeks until training camp starts.  It’s a ridiculous idea that has no place here Super Bow or not.