Arizona Cardinals Re-Introduce ‘Protect the Nest’ Ticket Packages


Jun 10, 2014; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals players run drills during mini camp at the teams Tempe training facility. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have once again introduced their ‘Protect the Nest’ ticket packages this season.  Basically it is an incentive to buy tickets to the game you want to see plus two other games you may or may not want to see.  From a marketing perspective it is smart.  From a fan with a limited budget  perspective, well maybe not so much.

If you want to see the San Francisco 49ers on September 21st or the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football on December 21st, you will be required to buy one of these plans.  Calling Mr. Moneybags.  I have mixed feeling about this.  Yes it makes the team money and gets fans to buy tickets to games many may not otherwise purchase but it also alienates those fans that are living on limited budgets and maybe want to see one of the better games.

Now the Red Plan includes the Niners game plus the season-home opener on Monday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers.  Also included in that plan is the October 12th home game against the Washington Redskins.  Not a bad package if you can afford it.

The White Plan includes the Seahawks game plus the Detroit Lions game on November 16th and the Kansas City Chiefs game on December 7th.  That too isn’t that bad.  This package geared toward mid to late season tilts.  Tickets for both plans go on sale next week on Wednesday July 16th at 10am.  C’mon credit line increase!