NFL Gets Tough On Domestic Violence But Not Tough Enough

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May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on stage during the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

When Ray Rice was given a suspension by the NFL of just two games a few weeks ago for assaulting  his now wife, many scoffed, rightfully so, at the light punishment, especially given the much harsher penalties it doles out for substance abuse.  Now the NFL has come out today with a tough stance.  You’re banned for six games for a first offense and a lifetime ban for a second offense.  Tough.  Not tough enough.

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington could be part of the NFL’s new policy next season.  Last year in May 2013 he was brought up on domestic violence charges in an incident with an ex-girlfriend.  According to the police report, he shoved her to the ground causing a broken collarbone.  He received his punishment from the law, one-year supervised probation.

Washington however is currently serving a one-year suspension for his fourth failed drug test.  The NFL hasn’t even dealt with his domestic violence yet.  So when they do, he’ll likely get a six-game suspension and return to the football field, either with the Cards or someone else.   That a tough stance but it should be a lifetime ban right away.

Don’t get me wrong, as a player, I certainly will miss Washington on the field.  As a person though, I won’t miss him one bit.  There is no room in this world for people committing assaults on others.  Washington may very well get the help he needs and be apologetic and say all the right things.  I’m a firm believer in this world that people deserve second chances.  However, it’s one strike and done for me when it comes to domestic violence.

For his part NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came out today and admitted he handled the Rice situation incorrectly.

Nice, but it is kind of closing the barn door after the horse has left in my opinion.  Rice still gets his two games.  Washington will get his six, even though Washington’s incident happened nine months prior.  This policy was a long time coming.  It’s just still not tough enough.