NFL Week 3: Arizona Cardinals-San Francisco 49ers Must See

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2-star games (for die-hards)

Oakland Raiders at New England Patriots: Oakland has a 19-game losing streak going on the road to the east coast.  Current longest streak in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins: Chiefs have been a disappointment so far coming off a playoff season.

Houston Texans at New York Giants: This might be the Giants chance to get a win

Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals are a very good team.  Titans looked not so much against the Cowboys last week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons: It’s the only game in town when it’s taking place but that doesn’t mean a rerun on another network wouldn’t be better.  Falcons should dominate at home.  Notice I said should.  I’ll probably tune in though.  It’s football, right?

1-star games (go hurricane hunting in Arizona)

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars: Jags are awful.  Their offensive line is 10 times worse than the Cards line from 2012 and we know just how bad that was.
Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams: Get ready for another 30 carries by DeMarco Murray against the field-goal happy St. Louis Rams.  Sounds like a ton of fun.  So does the dry needling that Cards quarterback Carson Palmer has been getting this week to stimulate the nerve in his shoulder.