Arizona Cardinals: Be Careful What You Ask For


Sep 21, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton (5) passes against the San Francisco 49ers during the first half at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

One of the great things about the Arizona Cardinals winning is you can look at their problems and not panic.  What you have with the Cards are good problems for the most part, not bad ones.

As I’m sure you’ve heard here, heard on the radio, seen on television, the attitude the Cards have taken on this season is “next man up”.  They’ve dealt with injuries.  They’ve dealt with suspensions.  They’ve dealt with being used by free agents.  They’ve dealt with serious allegations of domestic violence against one of its players.  They’ve learned how not to let any of it get them down and to this point have been able to move past the negativity.

What some people can’t get past though is the past.  Cards fans can be a fickle bunch.  They see something or someone older that replaces something or someone newer and the prevailing thought is to quickly change to the new before the old has a chance to hurt the team.  I get it but that is not always the way to think about things.

First it was receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  Then it was quarterback Carson Palmer.  Both have had success with the Cards but both have seen changes with their position.  Fitz wasn’t thrown to in week one until the fourth quarter.  People were losing their minds.  So, the thought was let’s move on from him and pass him off to someone else before it’s too late.  No.  Fitz ended up getting a great reception and was a huge part of the win in the victory in New York.

As for Palmer, he get injured and his replacement Drew Stanton, had an alright game in New York but played very well at home against San Francisco.  Now, everyone and their mother wants to immediately make Stanton the starter.  Forget the fact Palmer led his team to 10-6 last season and started the team off 1-0 this season.  People point to the interceptions.  Well, yes he had bunch early and then really calmed down and settled in.  Even in the Seattle game in December, he won despite throwing four interceptions against the number one defense.

Stanton will be the full-time starter eventually, maybe as soon as next season.  Right now, the job is Palmer’s.  He has done nothing to lose the job.  It is nice to know the Cards have a good backup.  Fitz might not be here next year either due to his large contract.  Enjoy what you ave now my friends.  You want Fitz out there.  He draws coverage away from other weapons such as Michael Floyd and John Brown.  Palmer and the Cards are not purposely trying to slight him.  There is no master evil plan to not get him the ball.  Your team is 3-0.  Have fun!