Arizona Cardinals: Chasing the Points


Sep 14, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. (19) runs a punt back for a touchdown in front of New York Giants safety Quintin Demps (35) during the fourth quarter at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There is a book out there that tells you when to go for two and when you shouldn’t go for two points on a conversion after touchdown attempt.  The Arizona Cardinals apparently have been consulting the book this season.

In week one, down 17-6 in the second half to the San Diego Chargers, they scored a touchdown to make it 17-12.  However, it was still early in the fourth quarter.  The book however says if you are down five, you go for two to make it a field-goal game.  Ok, so I get it, but to me that is chasing points when you don’t need them yet.

Missing the two-point conversion, which in fact they did, means you stay down 17-12 and are now forced to score a touchdown or score twice.  In the fourth-quarter of a game where you just found the end zone for the first time, it is not the best scenario.

The Cards got another touchdown, thus making the score 18-17.  That book comes into play again, where it supposedly says if you are up one, go for two to make it a three point game.  Again they failed.  Luckily the defense held and that ended up being the final score.

Against the New York Giants, they went up 19-14 on Ted Ginn’s punt return.  Up five, book says go for two to make it a seven point game.  They failed.  Score remained 19-14.  They later added two field goals to win 25-14.

Now, I like the two-point conversion when the right play is called and when the situation says you really have no other choice.  If in the San Diego game had it been 17-12 with just a few minutes left, I’d say go for two.  You have to make the right play call though.  All three two-point conversion attempts were not very good play calls.  Just don’t chase the points. Don’t go for two until it is absolutely necessary.