Arizona Cardinals Would Never “Jacksonville” You


Aug 28, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Fans watch from the stands in the first quarter of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Imagine you are an Arizona Cardinals season-ticket holder.  Now imagine if you stood up and cheered for the Cardinals but the people sitting behind you didn’t appreciate that and asked the team to send you a letter asking you to sit down.  Would never happen, right?  Well, in Jacksonville, they did.

This week the Jacksonville Jaguars sent a letter to their season-ticket holders to please make sure they are sitting down for everyone’s enjoyment of watching the football game.  Could you imagine if the Cards asked Birdgang to sit down?

Now, to be fair, I get the sentiment of the complaint.  But these people need to realize this is a sport in which you cheer, jump up and down, and get crazy.  This isn’t the symphony or a play.  Exactly what fans are standing up and cheering for in Jacksonville in the first place is beyond me?  It should be their right to do so, especially with the thousands of dollars fans shell out to attend.

On the flip side, I do understand people like to sit.  Heck, I like to sit a bit too.  If people stand in front of me, it is generally only because they are excited for a particular play in the first place, so I’m usually standing too.  If someone stands for a longer period of time, I just have to adjust and stand too.  Now, the exception to this is if there is a disabled person or a person who can’t stand very well and politely asks me to give him or her room to see, I will gladly accommodate.

I just think it is a little tacky for an organization, who appears to need many more people in the stands anyway, to send a letter asking people to take a seat.  How about people just use common sense and sit if the situation calls for it, otherwise let people be and let them stand and cheer.