Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald Makes Connection


Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald had a nice day.  In fact you could call it a very nice day, especially if you are comparing it against his production the rest of the early season so far.

Fitz caught six passes for 98 yards and a touchdown in Sunday’s 30-20 victory over the Washington Redskins.  His receptions weren’t just normal receptions either.  Well, normal for him but even after 10 years his catches still amaze me sometimes.

He grabbed one ball tight roping the sidelines.  His touchdown grab was pure determination after catching the ball and grinding his way into the end zone.  One of his receptions he took a hard hit right after the catch and held on to it.

Every week I see much talk from Cards fans and other NFL fans alike with some kind of rumor or opinion on what will happen to Fitz next season since everyone seems resigned to the idea of him not returning to the Cards in 2015.  People think he is being phased out.  He’s not.  He’s had trouble shaking multiple receivers.  Today, Fitz found a way to get open a couple of times.  It was probably the most open I’d seen him all season.  He wasn’t wide open on all of his receptions though, thus the great catches.  He caught all six passes he was targeted on.

Fitz looked like Fitz on Sunday.  It was nice to see.  However, remember, this offense has weapons.  Many weapons, so the lack of receptions by Fitz is not an indication of being phased out or he’s reaching the end.  Eight different players caught a ball for the Cards on Sunday.  Two others were targeted and did not record a catch.

The six receptions for Fitz on Sunday gives him 19 for the season now.  Sunday he had his first touchdown but it won’t be the last.  There is still plenty of football to be played.  If he averages six receptions over the last 11 games this season, he should finish with around 85 receptions.  Don’t give up on Fitz.  I haven’t and neither have the Cardinals.