Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald 13th Highest Paid

facebooktwitterreddit put out a list today of the top 20 richest contracts in the NFL this season. Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s contract ranks as the 13th highest paid contract in the NFL based on its current yearly average.

Of course this shouldn’t be shocking news to Cardinals fans but it should point out there are richer contracts out there for other players who are not as productive as their contract suggests.  Fitz is making an average salary of $16,062,500.  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan for example, who has struggled a bit over the past couple of seasons, is number two on the list at $20,750,000.

Chicago Bears Jay Cutler is at $18,100,000.  A lot of it comes down to perceived talent and mostly past performance.  Fans know the that the Cards can not continue to pay Fitz the kind of money he is currently making.  This however has also seen some fans call for him to be traded now so the Cards get something in return instead of just cutting the contract at the end of the season.

Through week six Fitz is 73rd in the NFL in receptions but 57th in yardage.  He scored his first touchdown of the season this past Sunday in the 30-20 victory over the Washington Redskins.  He caught six passes, which is more indicative of the production that should be expected of him at this point.

Fitz may appear to some to be in the beginning stages of being phased out but part of the issue has been having a healthy quarterback and shedding double teams.  The Skins finally left him open in one-on-one coverage in several instances on Sunday which allowed Fitz to grab more balls.  I don’t think he’ll ever live up to his current contract but it does represent everything he has done for putting the Cards back on the NFL map over the past decade.